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And there's your problem - you can at best only add gateways/proxies, you
can't actually improve the existing protocols in any meaningful way.

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> I'm strongly against most the ideas to abbandon current email systems,
> because the results will be to create wallet garden.
> We need something interoperable with existing systems or the system will
> just be used by a bunch of paranoid people or fostered by the marketing
> of few cryptography company acquiring customers, not user.
> So we need IETF standards, interoperable with existing email standard
> protocols (SMTP, IMAP, MIME).
> I'm just very disappointed that many of us look at the moon, trying to
> invent something new, when there are so many improvements to be done on
> existing interoperable platforms.
> Let's first cut-off the massive passive traffic analysis, then improve
> current systems to provide some added protection against metadata,
> focusing in a far future, when the new system got already wide adoption,
> make it perfect.
> Fabio
> Il 11/25/13, 7:20 PM, Natanael ha scritto:
> >
> > Say hello to Bote mail on I2P.
> >
> > I2P provides encrypted anonymizing networking, Bote mail provides DHT
> > based serverless encrypted mailing with public crypto keys as
> > addresses (ECDSA or NTRU).
> >
> > http://i2p2.de and i2pbote.i2p (if you don't have I2P installed, add
> > .us to visit it via an inproxy).
> >
> > There is also I2P Messenger that is encrypted P2P IM within I2P also
> > using public keys as addresses.
> >
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