[cryptography] ntru-crypto - Open Source NTRU Public Key Cryptography Algorithm and Reference Code

coderman coderman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 16:13:29 EST 2013


Security Innovation, Inc., the owner of the NTRU public key
cryptography system, made the intellectual property and a sample
implementation available under the Gnu Public License (GPL) in 2013
with the goal of enabling more widespread adoption of this superior
cryptographic technology. The system is also available for commercial
use under the terms of the Security Innovation Commercial License.

NTRU represents a significant improvement in the Public Key
cryptography world—it’s faster, stronger and smaller than virtually
any other system in use and it’s quantum computer resistant, making it
the best choice for current projects with lifetimes that extend into
the post quantum computer age....

NTRU is a lattice-based public key cryptosystem from Security
Innovation and the leading alternative to RSA and Elliptic Curve
Cryptography (ECC) due to its higher performance and resistance to
attacks from quantum computers. NTRU was developed in 1996 as a
visionary solution to cyber security challenges for the twenty-first
century. NTRU is based on a mathematical problem called the
“Approximate close lattice vector problem” and comprises three
algorithms: NTRUEncrypt, NTRUSign, and PASSSign. It has been reviewed
and published in scholarly journals and presented at Crypto,
Eurocrypt, and RSA, and has been adopted in IEEE and X9 standards

Because it is based on different math from RSA and ECC, the NTRU
algorithm has different cryptographic properties. At comparable
cryptographic strength, NTRU performs costly private key operations
much faster than RSA or ECC. In addition, NTRU's comparative
performance increases with the level of security required. As key
sizes increase by a factor of n, RSA's operations/second decrease by
about n3 whereas NTRU's decrease at n2.

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