[cryptography] Surveillance

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue Oct 1 07:09:00 EDT 2013

The most common for of spying for all countries is that for
assuring payment of taxes. These agencies have dossiers,
agents, informants and contractors (tax lawyers) which put
the other spies to shame (and put as much fear in the oft-blamed
spies as in citizens).

In the US the main function of early spies was to catch tax
evaders. Not to overlook that the birth of the US was about who
got the bloodily-extorted taxes.

No greater cooperation among world governments exceeds
that for catching tax evaders. The few refuges stings.

Tax laws allow far greater intrusion than those for national security.
And terrified citizens are obligated to spy and rat themselves,
family, neighbors, bosses, co-revolutionaries in particular.

Taxpayers are paid bonuses for spying on and ratting each
other, and jump to obey tax obligations, albeit with an acceptable
amount of shaving the truth. Bribes are endemic, whistleblowers
deputies of the state.

Presumably the fashionista excitement of bitching about the
rest of the spies is aimed at curring favor with the most
persistenlty threatening of the TLAs which will swoop in
like the angel of death to remind of the inescapable collusion
of both death and taxes to meticulously spy on futile efforts
to wiggle out of what is due.

Discussing this topic can get a citizen is more trouble than
viewing kiddie porn or whatever is the country's favorite
fashionista criminalization

Fortuitiously, terror was invented to payback tyrants for their
overdue abuse of taxation; today, shilled as sequestration.

Before being forfeited into submission Let us now honor the
two brave and revolutionary cypherpunks sent to prison for
defying the top spies of the way over-taxed earth.

Hail Jim, hail CJ, fuck you Agent Gordon.

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