[cryptography] three crypto lists - why and which

Collin RM Stocks collin at sibilance.org
Tue Oct 1 09:42:45 EDT 2013

On 09/30/2013 06:27 AM, Adam Back wrote:
> I am not sure if everyone is aware that there is also an unmoderated crypto
> list, because I see old familiar names posting on the moderated crypto list
> that I do not see posting on the unmoderated list.  The unmoderated list
> has
> been running continuously (new posts in every day with no gaps) since mar
> 2010, with an interesting relatively low noise, and not firehose volume.
> http://lists.randombit.net/mailman/listinfo/cryptography
> The actual reason for the creation of that list was Perry's list went
> through a hiatus when Perry stopped approving/forward posts eg
> http://www.mail-archive.com/cryptography@metzdowd.com/
> originally Nov 2009 - Mar 2010 (I presume the mar 2010 restart was
> motivated
> by the creation of randombit list starting in the same month) but more
> recently sep 2010 to may 2013 gap (minus traffic in aug 2011).
> http://www.metzdowd.com/pipermail/cryptography/
> I have no desire to pry into Perry's personal circumstances as to why this
> huge gap happened, and he should be thanked for the significant moderation
> effort he has put into create this low noise environment, but despite that
> it is bad for cryptography if people's means of technical interaction
> spuriously stops.  Perry mentioned recently that he has now backup
> moderators, OK so good.
> There is now also the cypherpunks list which has picked up, and covers a
> wider mix of topics, censorship resistant technology ideas, forays into
> ideology etc.  Moderation is even lower than randombit but no spam, noise
> slightly higher but quite reasonable so far.  And there is now a domain
> name
> that is not al-quaeda.net (seriously?  is that even funny?): cpunks.org.
> https://cpunks.org/pipermail/cypherpunks/
> At least I enjoy it and see some familiar names posting last seen decade+
> ago.
> Anyway my reason for posting was threefold: a) make people aware of
> randombit crypto list, b) rebooted cypherpunks list (*), but c) about
> how to
> use randombit (unmoderated) and metzdowd.
> For my tastes sometimes Perry will cut off a discussion that I thought was
> just warming up because I wanted to get into the detail, so I tend more
> prefer the unmoderated list.  But its kind of a weird situaton because
> there
> are people I want views and comments from who are on the metzdowd list who
> as far as I know are not on the crypto list, and there's no convenient way
> to migrate a conversation other than everyone subscribing to both.  Cc to
> both perhaps works somewhat, I do that sometimes though as a general
> principle it can be annoying when people Cc to too many lists.
> Anyway thanks for your attention, back to the unmoderated (or moderated)
> discussion!
> Adam
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It's probably not worth mentioning the sci.crypt newsgroup, is it? There 
is *occasionally* some intelligent discussion there.


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