[cryptography] Allergy for client certificates

stef s at ctrlc.hu
Wed Oct 9 10:41:50 EDT 2013

i have something like this eccentric authentication implemented for some time:
i also provided django and flask bindings for it

and i use this in my "filesharing" service: stash:

dunno how exactly this matches your eccentric auth, but i'd wager it's quite
close. maybe some of you guys want to play with something practical. maybe you
find epic bugs, so i can fix them or abandon this idea, thx for all.

pgp: https://www.ctrlc.hu/~stef/stef.gpg
pgp fp: FD52 DABD 5224 7F9C 63C6  3C12 FC97 D29F CA05 57EF
otr fp: https://www.ctrlc.hu/~stef/otr.txt

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