[cryptography] bird.comms + compilers (urls)

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sat Oct 19 08:57:01 EDT 2013

This is the most interesting post to appear since the list
was re-energized.

The weakest elements of comsec are related to matters
seldom discussed on crypto fora which are heavily biased
toward digital technology. As might be expected on the
Internet and its crippling and perhaps fatal dependence on
digi-tech isolation from reality.

Manifold other means and methods of comsec get short
shrift on the Internet yet are the most frequent ways that
digital comsec is breached, defeated, embarassed,
ridiculed, dumped for legacy methods that require
deep familiarity with divers physical and electromagnetic
constraints and exploits.

Brian Carroll, in case you have missed his copious
contributions elsewhere, is more adept than most in
addressing the conceits of digi-tech masters by providing
leads to these diverse legacies. Don't expect him to
rollover and succumb to the usual putdowns of conceited

Happily, this noble list is broadminded enough to host
his offerings which would be banned on premier digi-tech
hideaways from reality.

At 12:53 AM 10/19/2013, you wrote:
>// analysis, feedback, and pattern matching...
>Dude, where's my code?
>(re: paper is titled "Towards Optimization-Safe Systems: Analyzing the
>Impact of Undefined Behavior." // Stack)
>Birds on repeat: Do playbacks hurt fowl?
>(context is of birdcall networks & modem protocols, perhaps this issue
>of emulation relevant to security protocols, monitoring, attack
>strategy- or not)
>Cuckoos impersonate hawks by matching their 'outfits'
>(crazy cuckoo birds impersonate hawks, exploit of localized
>overlapping pattern matching. potential comp.security or software
>systems correlation, beyond poli-sci)

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