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Kelly John Rose iam at kjro.se
Mon Oct 21 15:46:53 EDT 2013

On that note, I really would love to hear from a lawyer as to why
accepting bitcoin or anonymous donations would be problematic. Unless
they start laundering money, I don't see that really being an issue.

On 21/10/2013 3:41 PM, Kyle Maxwell wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 2:18 PM, Kelly John Rose <iam at kjro.se> wrote:
>> I think it simply reduces to a desire to not be beholden to political
>> interests.
>> Regardless, I think if they can get the money from the Feds as well as
>> other sources, they will have more money and more resources to build a
>> good program and thus be a better product.
>> The real problem only arises when the fed funding determines the
>> direction of the project as a whole. If they remain transparent as to
>> decision making, then that problem goes away.
> Agreed, plus the financial antics would make me concerned if my
> non-profit *depended* on funding from that source.
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