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Thanks for the info... I found the document that goes to what you say at: http://cryptome.org/2013/09/computer-forensics-2013.pdf

And while we are on the subject of backdoors, what's the though on Winmagic's SecureDoc?  Bruce has a testimonial on it at: https://www.winmagic.com/corporate/testimonials

That being said, it's closed source, so there's no way to look into it at all.  And Bruce apparently reviewed it years and versions ago.  It's also a Canadian firm, but the State Department uses it.  I've got it installed on one of my machines - mainly because I bought a copy a long time ago, and the key stays off the machine and because I've had more than one TrueCrypt encrypted drive get corrupted.  But now I am thinking that this isn't a program to trust, simply because of the obvious, along with new revelations.

Now, they are a Canad-based company and as such, probably couldn't be served with an NSL, but who knows how that works, especially with the clout that the US has over it.  



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That document is fake.   It was an April Fools joke based on a real
document.   Refer to:

TrueCrypt can be assumed "ok" based on Greenwald using it.    If Snowden
knew of a hole in TrueCrypt then Greenwald would not be using it.  IMO.

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Reading this PDF:
It suggests that TrueCrypt has a backdoor.  Has anyone found anything to
suggest that claim is true?

Do we operate as if it does?

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