[cryptography] ProPublica's Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto Story and Another View

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Tue Sep 10 14:38:01 EDT 2013

ProPublica's Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto Story


Describes two months of digging through the Snowden documents, using
search tool Intella, finding code words, looking for references to those,
scrambling to understand and explain the technology to experts and the
public, traveling between New York and London, thrill of working with
NYT, Guardian and others.

Claims extraordinary security was laid on to protect the material. But
doesn't say what it was or is.

Pretty good gritty back story compared to the burnished fronts. Hard to
tell if it is a front story as well due to admission of withholding materials.

Nothing said about consulting with USG or HMG.

Here's a much less polite viewpoint:


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