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Tomas Overdrive Petru tpetru at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 05:36:30 EDT 2013

Hi all,
sorry in case I'm really off-topic here but in one older thread I have
found info about tool Intella and there is joke around these days:

What to use to store data?
NAS, SAN & NSA - NSA is best one, because of semantic search possibility.

In case we want to be paranoid in every possible way, crypto* is only
one part of problem same as politics is other. Interesting and another
part of problem is data-trace behind us and sophisticated data-mining tools.

If you do not mind, I want to open thread about this problem because
that joke is telling us, that there is possibly good progress in public
available crypto but not so much in data-mining sphere.
Or do we have some interesting tools in public domain that can be
comparable with something  NoSuchAgency could have?

Please show me and in case I'm really off-topic tell me where to ask please.

~ Tomas
Original info found in:

Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 14:38:01 -0400//
//From: John Young <jya at pipeline.com>//
//To: cryptography at randombit.net, cyperhpunks at cpunks.org,
cryptome at freelists.org//
//Subject: [cryptography] ProPublica's Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto
Story and Another View//
//ProPublica's Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto Story//
//Describes two months of digging through the Snowden documents, using//
//search tool Intella, finding code words, looking for references to
//scrambling to understand and explain the technology to experts and the//
//public, traveling between New York and London, thrill of working with//
//NYT, Guardian and others./

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