[cryptography] Forward Secrecy Extensions for OpenPGP: Is this still a good proposal?

Jurre andmore drwhax at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 09:19:55 EDT 2013

I have been looking at this proposal as well and it certainly has potential
to make a comeback and be an actual standard, I wonder what the openpgp
authors have to say, fabio, did you forward this to the openpgp list by any


2013/9/11 Lodewijk andré de la porte <l at odewijk.nl>

> 2013/9/10 David D <david at 7tele.com>
>> Quote, " You've got to think (NSA claims to be the biggest employer of
>> mathematicians) that seeing the illegal activities the US has been getting
>> up to with the fruits of their labour that they may have a mathematician
>> retention or motivation problem on their hands."
>> You mean like the principled mathematicians working on cluster bombs,
>> drones, and other "cool shit"?
>> Everyone at the NSA knows exactly what they are doing.
>> I suspect, like most that suck off the military-industrial complex tit,
>> there is surprising low turnover.
>> Paychecks only go so far with the principled, but spineless will collect a
>> check forever and do whatever it takes to keep it coming.
> It's just a cool way to work with smart people on difficult problems while
> helping the nation.
> I think you underestimate how much these Americans think they're genuinely
> helping the nation. Their point isn't violating human rights, it's
> protecting human beings.
> It's a bit like the three laws system in Asimo's books, the only logical
> way to protect the civilians against themselves is to prevent them from
> thinking and communicating freely. It's only logical to take their freedoms
> to make them safe.
> I suspect the 'idealistic madmen' actually is a minority. The rest is
> simply indifferent to what happens as long as they can do groundbreaking
> research.
> Analysts are actually "on the job" and the job itself has its ethical
> considerations, so that's a different story. Like police really.
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