[cryptography] MITM Manipulation of Snowden Documents

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Subject: [cryptography] MITM Manipulation of Snowden Documents

>It continues to mystify why Greenwald and others crop and
redact documents and slides but show them to staff at
O Globo, Guardian, Der Spiegel, New York Times, ProPublica,
Washington Post and perhaps others yet to be disclosed
with bombshell releases (now even Clapper is applauding
the Snowden campaign, which stinks of the fix is in on
what to release and when).

>This seems to be game the Snowden manipulators are
playing with authorities, or at least lawyers are playing
with the gov, to toy with and tease the public by hoarding
documents, maintaining insider privileges of "journalists"
against outsiders, their readers, and experts who could
deconstruct the journo's pallid intepretation.

Your first para claimed mystification, but by the time you get to the fifth paragraph, you've figured it out.

Impressive ...

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