[cryptography] motivation, research ethics & organizational criminality (Re: Forward Secrecy Extensions for OpenPGP: Is this still a good proposal?)

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Sat Sep 14 19:08:16 EDT 2013

On 2013-09-13, at 9:28 AM, David D <david at 7tele.com> wrote:

> 1.  Make working at the NSA a series of scarlet letters.

That’s a good start, but does it really do enough?

People who “should know better” that have disagreed with me about standards and practices, must also be working for the NSA, and so need to be shunned. Bruce Schneier is clearly wrong about MAC-then-Encrypt and is someone who really should know better, so we need to treat him as an NSA stooge.

Fortunately, there is a group of girls from near Salem MA who are blessed with the ability to spot such people. We need to take them around into various development communities and working groups to identify those working for the Evil One.

Obviously, we should insist on due process for the NSA stooges. If they confess their activities and name their co-conspirators, we may allow them some limited role, but those who don’t cooperate will need to be dealt with more firmly, for the good of their souls and for our community.


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