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NSA Files: overview of published documents and films
Thousands of documents should have whistleblower Edward Snowden , prove the spying programs and intelligence structures. Only some of them are published and accessible on the Internet. Nevertheless, they paint a bleak picture of the monitoring apparatus.
 Films and documents NSA Spähprogrammen and FISC

■ data collection program Prism: NSA films explain sources and technology

■ Controlled Peek : the rules for spying on non-US citizens (2007 )


■ Presentation slides about Boundless Informer: The program evaluates telephone and internet connection data from countries around the globe out ( 2012).


■ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Explaining the program Boundless informant


■ Origin of data for XKeyscore : show films which data sources used for the XKeyscore the NSA program .


■ FISC arrangements : three previously secret documents of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ( Fisc ) , to oversee the NSA


■ FISC Decision on illegal NSA E- Collection: A 2011 -set program collected electronic communcation of Americans


■ Regular data transfer to Israeli intelligence : memorandum stating , must comply with the conditions attached to the agents of the Israeli National Sigint unit ( insulin ) if they use the "raw data" from the U.S.


■ Report of the NSA Inspector General : Development of metadata queries that began under President George W. Bush (2009 )


■ insight into the monitoring infrastructure of the NSA files show how the program has worked XKeyscore 2008.


■ The errors of the supervisor : Internal NSA report on data breaches in the first quarter of 2012


■ " What is a violation ": NSA films for the training of employees in terms of monitoring


■ Find out what to say and what not : NSA films with instructions for completing the monitoring rationale for the supervising authorities

Business , Finance and links

■ Structure of U.S. intelligence : Büdget and Financial Overview About 16 U.S. intelligence agencies with 107,035 employees.


■ Financial linkages between companies and NSA : The U.S. Secret Service took over the costs that are incurred after a ruling by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in October 2011 for companies.


Forces Fisc - decision, which Verizon to release data to its clients : 


■ NSA access to corporate networks , video shows documents the NSA surveillance of the Brazilian oil company Petrobras and attacks including the Swift Bankkennetzwerk support .


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Reactions and correspondence

(Established the government of the United States had the largest secret surveillance system in the world ): 


■ Letter from Edward Snow adressed to the President of Ecuador


■ demand of the Fisc - Judge Dennis Saylor : disclosure and classification of secret FISC decisions


To use letter of the French Cabinet Secretary Christophe Chantepy that aufordert the employees of the French ministries, not own smartphones : 


(No confidential sharing of information about smartphones)
■ Letter from the FISC judge's Reggie B. Walton : Yahoo has set 2007 as the only recipient of a supervision order to defend against this statement





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