[cryptography] The Compromised Internet

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Wed Sep 25 16:07:10 EDT 2013

Now that it appears the Internet is compromised what other
means can rapidly deliver tiny fragments of an encrypted
message, each unique for transmission, then reassembled
upon receipt, kind of like packets but much smaller and less
predictable, dare say random?

The legacy transceiver technologies prior to the Internet or
developed parallel to it, burst via radio, microwave, EM emanations,
laser, ELF, moon or planetary bounce, spread spectrum, ELF,
hydro, olfactory, quanta, and the like.

Presumably if these are possible they will remain classified, kept
in research labs for advanced study, or shelved for future use.

Quite a few are hinted at, redacted and partially described in
NSA technical publications from 25-50 or so years ago. Many
developed for military use and the best never shared with the

A skeptic might suppose the internet was invented and promoted as
a diversion along with public-use digital cryptography. This ruse
has led to immense growth in transmission-breakable ciphers
as well as vulnerable transceivers. Packet techology could hardly
be surpased for tappability as Snowden and cohorts disclose the
tip of the iceberg. Ironically, the cohorts believe encryption protects
their communications, conceals his location and cloaks the

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