[cryptography] The Compromised Internet

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Wed Sep 25 17:02:34 EDT 2013

At 04:36 PM 9/25/2013, you wrote:

 > What threat are you trying to prevent that isn't already solved
 > by the use of cryptography alone?

Transceiver vulnerabilities of the Internet, seemingly inherently
insecure by design. So looking for possibilities of moving encrypted
goods by other means not betrayed by faulty shipment and addled
by ubiquity and familiarity.

Not that that is original by any stretch, wizards are jawing about
a new internet, secure by design. May take a while, so workarounds
of the present piece of carrion might be useful.

Not to overlook a new-fangled Snowden loosening the controls
of comsec technology beyond his and our PK-packet-tech era

So beyond mathematically-enthroned encryption what lies awaiting
disclosure. Oldies might suffice if dutifully studied and elaborted.
Thus the reference to NSA's backroom of pre-internet-PK comsec
tech which could be in the forefront, cutting/bleeding edge.

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