[cryptography] The Unbreakable Cipher (2)

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>  no- not for a multilinear/nonlinear bit set approach. voluminous data
> exchange...

you're wrong.

the key is to re-key so frequently there is never a significant volume
transferred under the same symmetric key.

in the manually keyed IPsec experiment i mentioned in another thread,
we used synchronized key daemons to maintain a rolling pair of
SA/AH+ESP associations that rotated on a per second interval.

as long as you didn't transfer more than some obtuse number of
terabits in a given second the assurance provided by a random key is
intact. (and we used VIA C5P dual RNG processors to provide the manual
keying material that was kept in sync between a pair of communicating
stations over unencrypted 802.11b - there was no IKE or other public
key exchange, just synchronized symmetric ciphers and digests)

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