[cryptography] NSA IDA Cryptological Research Centers

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sun Sep 29 09:43:54 EDT 2013

The Institute for Defense Analyses, based in Alexandria, VA,
is a 50-year partner of NSA. It has two Centers for Communications
Research at Princeton, NJ, and La Jolla, CA, both doing cryptological
research for NSA:



The latter's web site lists only this offering:


La Jolla Covering Repository

A (v,k,t)-covering design is a collection of k-element subsets, 
called blocks, of {1,2,...,v}, such that any t-element subset is 
contained in at least one block.  This site contains a collection of 
good (v,k,t)-coverings. Each of these coverings gives an upper bound 
for the corresponding C(v,k,t), the smallest possible number of 
blocks in such a covering design.

The limit for coverings is v<100, k<=25, and t<=8 just to draw the 
line somewhere. Only coverings with at most 100000 blocks are given, 
except for some which were grandfathered in. Some Steiner systems 
(coverings in which every t-set is covered exactly once) which are 
too big for the database will be included in the link below.


What is "covering" and how does it related to cryptology?


Eyeballs of the two centers:

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