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On 09/27/2013 09:35 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:

> I don't see how a ham running a repeater backbone can prevent end
> to end encryption other than sniffing for traffic and actively
> disrupting it. I'm not sure tampering

If enough hams (or one sufficiently angry lone ham operator) decide
that this is a problem they'll organize a turkey hunt to triangulate
the operator(s) and politely ask them to stop before the feds get
called in.  The thinking behind this seems to be that the amateur
community has been graciously granted a small portion of the RF
spectrum to experiment with.  People (licensed hams or otherwise) who
do specifically prohibited things within the amateur bands (like
transmitting encrypted traffic or undocumented digital protocols
(which may be indistinguishable from encrypted traffic)) can get some
or all of the amateur band taken away.  A lot of time and effort are
spent every year by ham operators who don't want this, that, or the
other sliver of the amateur band reassigned away from amateur use, and
someone doing something dodgy within those spectra could have
disasterous consequences.

When Project Byzantium was adding amateur radio support for ISC
milestone #3, these regulations were noted and discussed at length
during initial reasearch.  We also spoke with the ARRL during
development, which expressed similar sentiments about crypto in the
amateur bands (and passing traffic from unlicensed network users over
the amateur band, incidentally).

> with transport is within ham ethics, though they definitely

That would probably fall under jamming, which is definitely against
ham ethics.

> don't understand the actual uses for encryption, at

The hams I've spoken to seem to, but they also seem to fall into the
camp of "It's on the amateur bands, so if it's something I'd want to
encrypt I'm not going to talk about it while chewing the rag anyway."

> least the old hands (are there even new hands?).


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