[cryptography] A post-spy world

dan at geer.org dan at geer.org
Tue Aug 12 22:23:35 EDT 2014

John Young
 | "We are moving toward a post-spy world, according to the guy that 
 | runs the CIA's venture capital arm."

FWIW, I don't run In-Q-Tel, In-Q-Tel isn't a venture firm, and I
don't recall saying "post-spy" at all.  Full text of the speech is
at geer.tinho.net/geer.blackhat.6viii14.txt, see for yourselves.

In the meantime, tell me if PPD-28 would be satisfied were an
artificial semi-intelligence doing the searches rather than humans.
What if surveillance data was mined not by people who could go to
jail but by self-modifying programs that co-evolve with the subject
of the surveillance.  Tell me that "the more complex the decision
the more surely it will be left to humans" is a long-term guiding
ethic.  Opine on whether "algorithmic regulation" aimed at a single
individual needs be visible to that individual if due process is
to be preserved.  Perhaps also read "We Are All Intelligence Agents
Now", the final technical talk at last February's RSA Conference;
see geer.tinho.net/geer.rsa.28ii14.txt .

Still got no Clearance...


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