[cryptography] First public DNSChain server went online yesterday!

Greg greg at kinostudios.com
Sat Feb 8 17:20:48 EST 2014

On Feb 8, 2014, at 3:18 PM, Eric Mill <eric at konklone.com> wrote:

> I just want to be clear on my understanding here. This provides a way to register a .dns or .bit domain, and store your registration of that domain in a blockchain. 

Not quite.

1) *.dns is a meta-TLD. You cannot register meta-TLDs. You own them already. There is therefore no need to register them. There might exist other terms for this concept, but I wasn't aware of them.

2). *.bit is a regular TLD. You an register them, but at the moment DNSChain has nothing to do with registering them. That is done with namecoind. In the future, it will probably be possible to register .bit domains through DNSChain, and do other blockchain updates as well.

> Some questions, though the first two may just be about Namecoin:

I think Eric did a good job of answering your 3 questions here.

> I also have a non-trivial suggestion, which is to use JavaScript instead of CoffeeScript. Regardless of the merits of the language, it will discourage participation from Node/JavaScript developers who do not use/know CoffeeScript well (like myself).

Eric, trust me on this (I know, who the heck am I?), but really, if you know JavaScript well, learning CoffeeScript might take you about one day, and you will never look back. :-)


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