[cryptography] First public DNSChain server went online yesterday!

Eric Mill eric at konklone.com
Sat Feb 8 18:51:22 EST 2014

> Not quite.
> 1) *.dns is a meta-TLD. You cannot register meta-TLDs. You own them
> already. There is therefore no need to register them. There might exist
> other terms for this concept, but I wasn't aware of them.

Okay, the explanation you updated helps:

> I also have a non-trivial suggestion, which is to use JavaScript instead
> of CoffeeScript. Regardless of the merits of the language, it will
> discourage participation from Node/JavaScript developers who do not
> use/know CoffeeScript well (like myself).
> Eric, trust me on this (I know, who the heck am I?), but really, if you
> know JavaScript well, learning CoffeeScript might take you about one day,
> and you will never look back. :-)

I've been doing JavaScript (and Ruby and Python and lots of other
languages) for a long time, and while CoffeeScript has some good
justifications and has been successful enough, I'm confident in my own

That said, my suggestion is made purely as a practical matter -
CoffeeScript requires people to understand two languages, JavaScript one.
For this reason, even if I preferred HAML <http://haml.info/> for templates
(which I did, once), I would only use it for a project that only I was
developing. For a team or public project, I'd get fewer people who can just
jump right in, so I would stick with straight HTML and an ERB/EJS-type
templating system.

-- Eric

> Cheers,
> Greg
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