[cryptography] First public DNSChain server went online yesterday!

Greg greg at kinostudios.com
Sat Feb 8 20:56:06 EST 2014

On Feb 8, 2014, at 5:51 PM, Eric Mill <eric at konklone.com> wrote:
> I've been doing JavaScript (and Ruby and Python and lots of other languages) for a long time, and while CoffeeScript has some good justifications and has been successful enough, I'm confident in my own assessment.
> That said, my suggestion is made purely as a practical matter - CoffeeScript requires people to understand two languages, JavaScript one. For this reason, even if I preferred HAML for templates (which I did, once), I would only use it for a project that only I was developing. For a team or public project, I'd get fewer people who can just jump right in, so I would stick with straight HTML and an ERB/EJS-type templating system.

Various thoughts came to mind:

- I used to think CoffeeScript wasn't worth spending any time on. I felt this way for a while actually, but changed my mind after I started reading through http://coffeescript.org in depth.

- It's important that people be able to contribute, but DNSChain wouldn't exist at all if it wasn't for CoffeeScript (now that I know it well).

- Lots of people use and love CoffeeScript, and for many, this makes them more likely to contribute to a project. These folks have the reverse reaction that you have (they stay away from JavaScript).

- CoffeeScript is simply better than JavaScript for many reasons (outlined on their site). The same coder, equally proficient in CoffeeScript and JavaScript, will write better software if they use CoffeeScript.

- You can highlight some CoffeeScript, and instantly see the corresponding JavaScript using editors like Sublime Text.

For these reasons (and probably others), I chose CoffeeScript for DNSChain. I'm sorry if this choice disappoints you (really), but I would ask you to read through the CoffeeScript site once entirely before passing judgement on it. If you've already done that, then I respect your opinion, but politely disagree with it.


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