[cryptography] who cares about advanced persistent tracking?

ianG iang at iang.org
Sun Jul 20 05:37:22 EDT 2014

>From the "strange bedfellows" department, who cares about us all being
tracked everywhere?  The Chinese, that's who ;)


BEIJING  - Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has accused US technology
giant Apple of threatening national security through its iPhone's
ability to track and time-stamp a user's location.

The "frequent locations" function, which can be switched on or off by
users, could be used to gather "extremely sensitive data", and even
state secrets, said Ma Ding, director of the Institute for Security of
the Internet at People's Public Security University in Beijing.

The tool gathers information about the areas a user visits most often,
partly to improve travel advice. In an interview broadcast Friday, Ma
gave the example of a journalist being tracked by the software as a
demonstration of her fears over privacy.

"One can deduce places he visited, the sites where he conducted
interviews, and you can even see the topics which he is working on:
political and economic," she said.


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