[cryptography] Commercialized Attack Hardware on SmartPhones

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 01:54:55 EST 2014

The liberationtech list occaisionally has threads on this.
Then things like guardianproject are working on hardening and
even making alternate phone OS's. ie: I think there may
now be some porting of some BSD's to phone cpu's, not that
it is much different from linux/droid in regard.
Then remember a paper about phone's baseband processors
being able to, iirc, access phone's ram out of band...
So now some people are talking about making open phone hw.

I've yet to read jakes good links but i suspect by titles they
may confirm some thoughts that phones are not real secure
platforms yet. This may not change until the outcry/liability risk
from eating customers personal privacy/financial losses exceeds
the corp benefit (pick some) from continuing to make accessible

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