[cryptography] Request - PKI/CA History Lesson - the definition of trust

Greg greg at kinostudios.com
Sat May 3 14:08:06 EDT 2014

On May 3, 2014, at 3:22 AM, pjklauser at gmail.com wrote:

> Frankly, if we could "trust" in DNS, we would not need to "trust" in
> web-PKIX [2] - since the one is just the bandaid for the other. Therefore I
> support any alternative DNS mechanisms (Namecoin?) which could eventually
> make it into the mainstream.

That is precisely what we're working on with DNSChain, a project that combines DNS with the blockchain (any blockchain, and Namecoin specifically is supported):


Yesterday we released 0.2.0, our 5th/6th release (0.2.1 is the same thing, just forgot to bump the NPM version string).

This project represents as close to a practical form of "self-trust" as I'm aware of. It represents a flat P2P network topology, as opposed to a hierarchical one (like canonical DNS), that's based on the blockchain.

Its last remaining problem is a solid solution to the 51% problem. The Ethereum project has proposed some interesting ones. There's also interesting discussion going on within the BitShares community.


Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with the NSA.

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