[cryptography] TrueCrypt

Lukasz Biegaj l.biegaj at netshock.pl
Thu May 29 08:33:07 EDT 2014

On 29.05.2014 14:15, Dave Howe wrote:
>> Nitpick: Truecrypt is proprietary (it's source is viewable, but you
>> aren't licensed to distribute modifications of it).
> Not seeing that from the licence, TBH - it has the usual "you can't call
> it truecrypt" stuff, and if you distribute a modified copy you have to
> include an ACK to the project (like the BSD licence used to) and if you
> make a larger product with bits of tc in it, it carries a gpl-like
> requirement that the resulting product be under an OSS licence; not
> seeing any restriction on it other than that. Maybe you could enlighten me?

You're right, I too couldn't find any clear restrictions on this, 
besides it seems that there is already a TC fork existing for some time: 

Sorry for the confusion.

?ukasz Biegaj

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