[cryptography] Titanic(unhackable encryption?"

Kevin kevinsisco61784 at gmail.com
Thu May 29 17:49:26 EDT 2014

I began thinking about how hard cryptographers of the future may have to 
work to secure systems.  I have come up with an algorithm that will 
hopefully get people thinking about so-called unbreakable codes.  The 
algorithm follows(don't worry, it's not long):
;Kevin J. Sisco
;encryption algorithm that cannot be hacked!
;I hope that this algorithm will at least open the doorway for air tight 
;This algorithm is written in Autoit
;see http://www.autoitscript.com
$pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
$m = MemGetStats()
;store memory array
$memload = $m[0]
;percentage of memory in use
$ram = $m[1]
;total physical ram
$avram = $m[2]
;available physical ram
$pagefile = $m[3]
;total pagefile
$avpagefile = $m[4]
;available pagefile
$virtual = $m[5]
;total virtual
$avvirtual = $m[6]
;available virtual
$memtotal = 
;all memory sizes are in kilobytes
$sec = @SEC
;second value of clock
$min = @MIN
;minute value of clock
$hour = @HOUR
;hour value of clock
$clocktotal = $hour*$hour+$min+$sec
;clock value total
$width = @DesktopWidth
;width of display in pixels
$height = @DesktopHeight
;height of display in pixels
$desktoptotal = $width+$height
;desktop total
$formula = $pi*$pi*$pi+$memtotal+$desktoptotal+$clocktotal
$i = Inputbox(" ", "Enter data.")
$s = StringToBinary($i)
;convert to string
$shift = BitShift($s, 180)
;shift 180 bits to the left
$t = 50*$formula+$s+$shift
$f = FileOpen("output.txt", 1)
;open the output stream
FileWriteLine($f, $t)
;write total to stream
;flush to disk
;close the stream


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