[cryptography] new encrypted phones

Givon Zirkind givonne at gmx.com
Thu Nov 20 06:16:47 EST 2014

also, even though the key is unique to the phone, there are lots of 
files & data.  i mean, if you know even one contact in the person's 
contact list, doesn't that compromise the encryption?  not to mention 
scribbing for "mom" "mother" and the like.  IMHO, while being ignorant 
of many relevant facts, the NSA could probably easily hack one of these 
phones.  the only reason the cops can't hack these phones, is that they 
can't afford the computing power or expertise to do so.  so what?  they 
can always request help from the FBI's crypto unit. or, some other 
source.  can't they?  and, the cops have crypto ppl on staff.  imho, it 
won't be long before the cops will get around this encryption.

On 11/20/2014 6:08 AM, Givon Zirkind wrote:
> this whole hulabalu about encrypted phones, its only the data on the 
> phone that's encrypted.  not the conversations.  right?
> does the encryption extend to call logs?
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