[cryptography] Define Privacy

dan at geer.org dan at geer.org
Sat Oct 25 23:58:40 EDT 2014

Michael Rogers writes:
 | I always enjoy your writing and the broad scope of thought it reveals,
 | but I think there's more to privacy than a dichotomy between keeping
 | things to ourselves and revealing them to the world.
 | ... 
 | I wonder if you've chosen the dichotomous view because you believe
 | that there's no longer a meaningful distinction between revealing
 | something to a circle of intimate friends and revealing it to all of
 | humanity. But even if that is, or soon will be, the case, that reality
 | can be challenged, both normatively and operationally. In order to do
 | so we must first acknowledge that there's territory between the poles
 | of private and public that's worth fighting for.

I sort of answered your question at RSA(*) in that I do conclude,
as you guessed, that in our context as it is, "[W]e are becoming a
society of informants.  In short, I have nowhere to hide from you."

(The part of your note that I elided was very interesting and I will
read the references you included.)


(*) http://geer.tinho.net/geer.rsa.28ii14.txt

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