[cryptography] Complete repository of known playing card ciphers

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 16:34:36 EDT 2014

I've since put together a site of playing card ciphers, weak and strong. It's
still _very_ much a work in progress, but some input would be appreciated:


Everything is typed up, except for Mirdek and Untitled. Currently, I'm not
including DECK, as it's not secure by modern demands, but thinking maybe I'll
create an insecure list (Mirdek might be under this insecure list, actually).

I still have a great amount of work to do, such as styling the page, adding
videos detailing the algorithms, and computer software implementations of each
of the ciphers. I'm sure there are typos and grammar errors galore. I'll
address those also, including reading flow. I probably have some facts on a few
of the implementations wrong also, that need to be cleaned up.

After the computer software implementations are created, I'll be doing more
cryptanalysis on the ciphertexts, getting more hard concrete numbers on biases,
patterns, distributions, etc.

Regardless, it's making good progress, and I would be interested on feedback,
if any, from the general crypto community. I hope this has some value, at
least. :)

I put this together, as I am interested in "field ciphers" that can be executed
by hand, and other than the one-time pad, and card ciphers, I am not aware of
any hand ciphers that are still considered "secure".


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