[cryptography] Introducing SC4 -- feedback appreciated

stef s at ctrlc.hu
Fri Apr 17 15:04:49 EDT 2015

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 11:56:48AM -0700, Ron Garret wrote:
> On Apr 17, 2015, at 11:27 AM, Dominik Schuermann
> <dominik at dominikschuermann.de> wrote:
> > what problem of traditional PGP implementations did you solve?
> The fact that to use PGP you have to install an application.  (This is true
> for Peerio as well.)  That turns out to be too much friction for most
> people.  

that is actually true and sad, instead of new webapps, maybe the focus should
be on multi-platform installers.

> Whenever you have to install an application you have to decide
> whether or not you trust the application,

i don't see how this decision is not made in the sc4 case

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