[cryptography] Announcing a command-line version of SC4

Ron Garret ron at flownet.com
Thu Aug 6 18:13:27 EDT 2015

SC4 is my attempt to produce a minimalist and super-easy-to-use replacement for PGP using TweetNaCl as the core crypto.  The original SC4 was a web application.  Since crypto in the browser makes a lot of people queasy, I have produced a command-line version written in Python.  It uses the C TweetNaCl library (the web version obviously had to use a Javascript port).  Python is only used to implement the UI.  You can find SC4-PY, along with the original web version of SC4, on github:


NOTE: This is an ALPHA release.  It has undergone only very cursory testing (I would really appreciate some help with that, actually).  The web version of SC4 has been audited, but the Python version has not (though it was mostly ported directly from the Javascript implementation, so it should not have any gaping holes).

Feedback of all sorts very much appreciated.


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