[cryptography] Quantum (HSP) secure cryptosystems

Marci tiepelt at dev-nu11.de
Thu Feb 12 02:59:24 EST 2015

Given that quantum computers break the major public key encryption
schemes there has been
some research on quantum secure cryptosystems. Systems like McEliece
NTRU (Lattice based) and some multivariate cryptosystems seem to be
quantum secure by now.
Many of the pub-key schemes have been broken due to the (Quantum) Hidden
Subgroup Problem,
but this seems infeasible for (most) non-abelian groups.
I did found very little research to cryptosystems based on the suspected
"hardness" of the non-abelian
HSP. But most of the reasearch i found were papers, requiring knowledge
beyond my level and it was hard
to follow what they were even doing there...

Does anyone know some (not a hardcore research paper)-work that gives a
general view of (quantum) HSP
based cryptosystems?
Or an overview why certain mathematical problems over non-abelian groups
(not a general view on non-abelian group HSP)  can not be computed
efficiently with a quantum computer?

- Marcel

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