[cryptography] Spacetime encryption of a signal

Kevin kevinsisco61784 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 18:51:35 EST 2015

This was born out of quantum information projects I have seen that NIST 
is working on.  I figured, well, we can't express quantum information on 
a clasic processing system, but we could use a spacetime model.  The 
post for this can be found at:
The code for easy review:
;Spacetime Encryption
;Kevin J. Sisco(kevinsisco61784 at gmail.com
;Spacetime Encryption takes a signal and encrypts it using the power of 
the universe!
;this algorithm uses key material from the spacetime continuum
;Spacetime Encryption is written in Autoit
;see the following URL:

$p = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
;value of pi
$ms = @MSEC
;ms value of clock
$s = @SEC
;second value of clock
$m = @MIN
;minute value of clock
$h = @HOUR
;hour value of clock
$y = @YEAR
$t = $ms+$s+$m+$h+$y
$H = @DesktopHeight
;height of display in pixels
$W = @DesktopWidth
;display width
$L = $W*$W
$S = $H+$W+$L
$st = $t+$S
;spacetime continuum
$dr = @DesktopRefresh
;refresh rate of display in hertz
;this is the signal
;the following code encrypts the signal
$br = BitRotate($dr, 80)
;left bit rotation of the signal
$x = BitXor($br, $st)
$sr = BitRotate($x, 80)
;second rotation
$t = 
$o = FileOpen("output.txt", 1)
;open output stream
FileWriteLine($o, $t)
;write to stream
;flush the buffer
;close the stream

Understand that this is purely theory (however it does work) so try not 
to chew my head off.


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