[cryptography] John Gilmore: Cryptography list is censoring my emails

Sadiq Saif lists at sadiqs.com
Thu Jan 1 13:48:49 EST 2015

On 1/1/2015 13:40, Adam Back wrote:
> nah what am I thinking probably! 1988 if not earlier, 27 years :)
> The point is block lists suck, they're always blocking false things,
> and vigilante abusive takes 3x longer to take you off than for you to
> complain or unresponsive etc.

DNSBLs do occasionally get false positives, this is true. In this case,
it is not really a false positive if spammers are relaying spam through
your insecure server is it?

> They'll also falsely block you not because your config is insecure but
> because it doesnt match their preferred configuration.  Quite
> irritating if you ever tried running your own mail server.

Their preferred configuration is "is it relaying spam or not?". Open
relays = relaying spam.

He can run his open relay if he wants to, but, he also loses all right
to bitching about getting blacklisted when his open relay is spewing

Sadiq Saif

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