[cryptography] John Gilmore: Cryptography list is censoring my emails

Sadiq Saif lists at sadiqs.com
Thu Jan 1 14:27:52 EST 2015

On 1/1/2015 14:18, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> Some of them willfully misclassify.
> In the past, one of the blacklist services used to escalate the range
> of the blacklist surrounding an IP if a provider/ISP did not stop a
> spammer. The blacklist range was made ever broader to apply pressure
> to the provider/ISP. I'm not sure if its a current practice.
> It got so bad with AT&T in the past, that I could not send emails from
> a US federal agency to my home account because the home account was
> using one of those blacklists services.  So my home account would
> reject the email from the federal agency because the list was expanded
> to a Class B or C (IIRC) to apply pressure to AT&T.
> Jeff

Spamhaus is one that does this for sure.

Example: ColoCrossing/VelocityServers et. al.
Sadiq Saif

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