[cryptography] QODE(quick offline data encryption)

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At 04:55 PM 1/6/2015, you wrote:

Yes, that is the received canon of cryptosystems:

1.Sarcasm toward unqualified efforts,

2. Designing cryptosysystems is *hard*.

3. No, that's too mild, it's mindblowingly* hard.

4. It doesn't start with code, it strts with mathematical description.

5. No, even that is not true, it starts with years of study.

6. Denizens of this list have seen a hundred cryptosystems crash and burn.

7. Some of them designed by very clever people.

8. Designing crytposystems is hard.

9. Don't even think of trying it, not unless a 
fewyears spent studying the state of the art.

10. Sorry to be blunt.

Not to mention how often thclaims are made despite thier sounding like
alchemy and astrology, cultish, religious, 
authoritarian, scientistic, recruitment
for arcane pursuit of unsolvable mysteries, and hardly applicable to the long
and varied history of cryptology suffused with bizarre claims, subterfuge,
deception, betrayal, treachery, obligatory prevarication, inherent cheating,
diabolical misrepresentation of trustworthiness, venomous accusations
against competitors, unrestrained dupery and duplicity against the unwary,
citizen and royalty alike.

Nor that mathematics is a modern innovation in cryptology and remains
its weakest element due to inability of its applicators to wed it to code
and hardware without recourse to alchemy and astrology favored by
promoters, sales and PhDs who dream of math as golden key to natsec.


>Kevin wrote: > I figured I'd start building my 
>own open source encryption algorithm: > 
>https://github.com/kjsisco/qode If you feel 
>overwhelmed by the sarcasm directed your way, 
>there is a reason for that. Designing 
>cryptosystems is *hard*. No, that's too mild. Is 
>*mindblowingly* hard. It doesn't start with 
>code. It starts with a mathematical description. 
>No, even that is not true: It starts with years 
>and years of study. The denisens of this list 
>have seen a hundred cryptosystem crash and burn. 
>Some of them were designed by very clever 
>people. Did I mention that designing 
>cryptosystems is hard? Don't even think of 
>trying it, not unless you have first spent a few 
>years studying the state of the art. Sorry to be 
>so blunt, but I think it will save you a whole 
>lot of grief. – Harald 
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