[cryptography] How far are we from quantum cryptography?

Ryan Carboni ryacko at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 00:17:18 EST 2015

Actually D-wave supposedly managed 512-Qubits.

128-bit keys are still safe though. In order for it to be cost effective to
brute force a 128-bit key, and given that 80-bit keys are vulnerable now,
each quantum evaluation of a cryptographic algorithm must be no more
expensive than 2^16 that of a classical computation.

On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 12:45 PM, Ron Garret <ron at flownet.com> wrote:

> Far.  The state of the art in quantum computing hardware is a small
> handful of qbits.  I think the current record is three or four, and the
> engineering challenges grow more daunting as the number grows.  It might
> turn out that practical quantum computing is in fact not possible.   But if
> that’s the case, the limiting factor is not yet know, so one should not be
> too complacent.  If the history of technology teaches anything it is that
> anything that is not impossible is inevitable.
> rg
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