[cryptography] [Cryptography] traffic analysis

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Wed Jan 28 10:15:04 EST 2015

>> Yeah, but ... who can realistically afford that bandwidth? To every
>possible recipient? Clearly you have to make a tradeoff.

There's at least one usenet group that has nothing but encrypted messages.

>It's a crying shame no one can figure out how to re-purpose all the
>existing spam traffic as cover traffic. Sigh.

There have been many rumors over the years of signal hidden in the
spam noise, but none that anyone's been able to track down.  A lot of
spam contain random chunks of text as hashbusters, which would be a
dandy place to hide the signal.

By the way, don't miss this story about a message hidden in Morse code
in a pop song broadcast to prisoners in the jungle in Colombia.  It
includes a link to the song, they're not making it up:



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