[cryptography] How far are we from quantum cryptography?

Marci tiepelt at dev-nu11.de
Wed Jan 28 12:49:27 EST 2015

> Okay, we see a lot about quantum cryptography and how today's 
> cryptosystems are mere toys compared to a quantum computer.  Great, but 
> in this post-quantum world how close are we to seeing it in action?

So, i read the starting message and the according subject "How far are
we from quantum cryptography?"
and when i continued reading the follwing mails i wondered if that even
answered the question, since
quantum computing != quantum cryptography

Ccommon 'quantum cryptography' is basicly a public-key-system with
quantum-states being send from Alice to Bob, i believe we already do
have quite some research on that. Using photons as quantum states and
fibreglass to transfer the photons there have been successful
implementations over > 100 km. In theory there also are some 'secure'
I gues we will be seeing quantum cryptography in action prior to quantum

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