[cryptography] Helmholtz Tubes, CRT Signals (Was: Sigint Dumps)

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Thu Jun 11 10:08:05 EDT 2015

We're tweeting these posts. Blowback: is any evidence available to
support the narrative? Sample of the data, say, for close examination,
with credible provenance, not the GG secret pact bloviation.

Mild critique: is this sci-fi or legit or both, advancing the literary-video
prize winning breaking news big screen Hollywood Neal Stephenson
spirit of the Snowden "NSA disclosures."

At 09:54 AM 6/11/2015, you wrote:
>More specifics on the sigint system:
>This looks like a "Growth Industry" ...
>Access to the beam is not restricted, anyone can pull signals out of
>the reconaissance loop from any of its exposed vectors.***
>Viable areas:
>a: Spurrious emissions from tubes or conduit, beam deflection from
>interior particles
>b: Stray beams passing through field coils but not redirected
>c: Direct access to tubes or conduit (any variety of methods)
>d: Geo-Magnetic Shift (downlinks)
>e: Refractive / deflection (downlinks)
>As the rate of geo-magnetic shift continues to deform the containment
>of the projected fields used to shape and steer the beams (which may
>also have something to do with the sensor itself?), wider areas will
>be accessible which are hit with the rogue spot beam from orbital (and
>projected field electro-magnetic) guides.
>This means almost anyone with a sensor can gather data from the downlinks.
>Additionally, spurrious radiation from the terrestrial system is
>available around endpoints and field coils, especially from damaged
>conduit or particles in the tubes.
>Time to raid the libraries for antique books about 1800s-1980s X-Ray
>EM physics and electromagnetic wave guides!
>It would not be rational to encode the carrier signal unless it was
>certain that the encoding would not disrupt signals quality, however
>raw X-Rated signals might have been too risky?
>[There are Thz ring oscillators, detectors, and various photonic
>rings, but properly implemented field-effect lenses, EM field vector
>control circuitry and coils(/phased array) (abstract field
>projection), and optimal tube design are all that should
>theorhetically be needed once a rogue beam is identified. X-Ray
>Materials and interference fields must be researched and made common
>Hopefully the data source is not too easily found and the dumps get
>out, this is extremely relevant for "civil liberties", human rights,
>and reconstructing your own personal history and records where your
>data is otherwise mising.
>On Thu, Jun 11, 2015, Wilfred Guerin <wilfred at vt.edu> wrote:
> > Helmholtz Tube, Beam Steering, EM field interaction, simple field
> > dynamics, (and your oscilliscope) are all you need to create complex
> > EM signals processors.
> >
> > No different than your antique crypto cracker, which uses an abstract
> > field to solve complex pre-defined systems. "56-bit" https cracker was
> > mass implemented as a 300mhz backplane EM field solver about the size
> > of your desktop computer.
> >
> > Using the same technology, resolution, and methods, BTC Bitcoins are
> > around 8m^3 of field to solve.
> >
> > No doubt the access and decoding to these sigint signals requires
> > similar proessing before being steered to the digitiser.
> >
> > (Maxwell Tube, Helmholtz Tube, typical of high school physics classrooms)

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