[cryptography] NSA Apple DPA Cryptanalysis

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Wed Mar 11 01:25:59 EDT 2015

ianG <iang at iang.org> writes:

>"We will also describe and present results for an entirely new unpublished
>attack against a Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) implementation of RSA that
>will yield private key information in a single trace."
>An actual cryptography breach!  Outstanding if true...

No, just a DPA attack, you've only quoted the last part of the full paragraph,
which is about DPA attacks.

(Before I read the full report my reaction was "they specifically mentioned
RSA CRT, it's either a fault attack or DPA", because if the attack description
includes "RSA CRT" then it's a sure sign that it'll be one of those two).


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