[cryptography] Paris Attacks Blamed on Strong Cryptography and Edward Snowden

Givon Zirkind givonne at gmx.com
Thu Nov 19 06:38:18 EST 2015

i'm in the middle of reading Bruce Schneier's lastest book, "Data and 
Goliath".  sheds a lot of light on this subject.  very interesting 
book.  very insightful.   a good read.  i recommend it.  i picked it up 
to understand Google, scroogling, big data and the computer mechanics of 
corporate spying better.  but, he goes deeply into this subject of 
spying on citizens.  being able to kill with metadata alone.  [CIA 
quote] etc.

he makes a good point that we as mammals, fell like prey if being 
watched and can't function fully.  and, the younger generation is quite 
desensitized to most of this spying.  they post their love lives on 
facebook and are flamed when breaking up. the younger generation is much 
more accepting of what the older generation would consider embarassing 
and private.

all of this stuff is a double edged sword.  we can spy on citizens for 
terrorism or to silence political dissidents.  if we limit free speech 
to prevent terrorism, human rights activists won't be able to speak 
either.  best analogy, bank robbers use cars, roads, diners and 
electricity.  but, we don't illegalize cars, roads, diners and 
electricity.  because, most people don't use them for robbing banks.  
ditto crypto.

people still use envelopes; have locks on their doors, close the 
bathroom and get hotel rooms for "adult activities".  they are, in the 
majority of the time, doing nothing illegal.

imho, his analogy with the heightened airport security does apply to 
crypto and mass surveillance.  they've caught a lot of petty theives.  
but, no terrorists.  this is intuitive.  the population at large has 
noticed this.  ditto crypto n mass surveillance.

the corrollary is, the billions of dollars spent spying on citizens in 
the name of protecting us from terrorism, is more than just a waste of 
money--it's a dereliction of duty!  i don't care how much the gov't 
spends on fighting terrorism or; how it is done.  but, it should work!  
they shouldn't be sitting on their behinds reading oujie boards to find 
terrorists either!  this isn't the TVA workfare pgm.

also, he confirms my simple logic, if there is a backdoor, anyone can go 
through it.  "What one man can do, another man can undo." whether a 
foreign gov't or criminal, sooner or later, someone body you don't want 
to, will come through that backdoor.  either we make it safe for 
everyone.  or, we make it insecure and surveilable for everyone.

and, finally, someone else talks about the defects of profiling, all the 
false positives [and false negatives].  not to mention the incorrect 
math and statistical analysis. profiles are guidelines at best.  not 
definitions.  [my 2c]  he adds the cost of the human intervention and 
investigation necessary to correct the incorrect assessments.

do they not profile political activists?  your medical condition? from 
logged purchases?  where is the right and wrong in this?

and, they collect so much data, no one knows what's in it. unless, a 
flag goes off.  which, may not happen.  but, when it does, digging 
through the archives might help. [my 2c]

we have already opened our world to a new kind of discrimination that is 
non-combatible.  apply for a job.  they put your name in google and 
twitter and facebook and; see what comes up.  even if it is private.  my 
hunch is, they give it to PIs who do break the laws to find this info.  
and then, "we found someone more qualified for the job."  even if you 
scrub your google listings, there are always bread crumbs.

with everyone looking for the right search terms, sending ridiculous job 
offers to ppl based upon chumming resumes without human intervention.  
you may be lucky, if they never considered you anyway.

imho, this crypto warmongering is just using fear for control and 
justification of huge bureaucracies that are inefficacious to the task 

On 11/19/2015 12:25 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 8:51 PM, Ted W. <ted-lists at xy0.org> wrote:
>> And yet, we find that the Paris attackers did not communicate via
>> encrypted channels for most of their planning. Surprise surprise:
> Which means absolutely nothing to these anti crypto people.
> And is no excuse for you to quit deploying crypto and fighting them.
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