[cryptography] Paris Attacks Blamed on Strong Cryptography and Edward Snowden

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Thu Nov 19 07:04:05 EST 2015

At 01:21 AM 11/19/2015, you wrote:

>how did hominids manage prior to crypto?

Pretty much the way most hominids do today. And will continue
to do the same way until crypto becomes normalized (if ever)
and less esoteric, cultish, obnoxious, condescending, vain,
whiney, excuse making. And above all these negative traits,
eager to sell products to authoritarians, governments, cults,
criminals, oligarchs, banks, gamblers, drug dealers, yadda.

Plenty of ways to avoid crypto as it has existed for its
very long history of serving the most evil, treacherous,
manipulative, deceptive, cheating, lying hominids on
earth and interstellar.

Crypto has a wretched history of helping a few harm millions.

Maybe it will change, but there has been a counter authority
of violence effort for only a couple of decades, and during
those decades the common practice of secretkeeping, lying
and cheating for crypto money making has grown even among
those loudly proclaiming the public benefits. PKC has indeed
enriched some, and others striving to get on that evil-doing
train of dual-hats and dual-use and dual-pontification.

As the NY Times said of John Brennan, hard to believe anything
crypto advocates have to say due to the far greater number of
crypto sleazeball hominids reaping rewards of aiding governments
than crypto hominid honorables aiding one another.

Spies and cryptographers spread secrets pox. Stay far away for good
health. Do not adopt that language everywhere.

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