[cryptography] Crowdfunding USB Security Key for Encryption - Nitrokey Storage

Jan Suhr jan at nitrokey.com
Thu Nov 19 16:20:15 EST 2015


Nitrokey Storage is a USB device which operates as a “digital latchkey”
to protect your data and user accounts. It allows for the secure
encryption of emails, files and hard drives, secure login on the web and
contains encrypted mass storage. The encryption keys are stored securely
in the hardware at all times.

Nitrokey is made entirely in Germany and stands out on the market
because it is 100% open-source and uses 100% open hardware

It is also the first hardware worldwide with hidden storage, which
enables users to plausibly deny the existence of additional encrypted
data. This can be useful during border controls or similar threatening

The firmware and hardware of Nitrokey Storage have already been verified
by Cure59, a professional third-party security auditor.

Use Cases:

* Encryption of emails, hard drives, SSH, and other data via a highly secure
smart card. Secure keys are protected by the hardware. Up to RSA 4096
bit is supported.
* Secure login on the web and protection against identity theft via
one-time passwords.
* Secure transport and exchange of sensitive files via encrypted mass
storage (up to 64 GB). (AES-256 in CBC mode)

Our crowdfunding campaign just started and needs your support:
Also, please help promoting it.

Kind Regards,
Jan Suhr

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