[cryptography] Paris Attacks Blamed on Strong Cryptography and Edward Snowden

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Fri Nov 20 11:04:12 EST 2015

Very small number of cryptographers work outside of governments,
corporations, universities, their own companies, and NGOs,
invest in crypto ventures. Certainly none should work for free,
but as the cryptographers Key F1, you get the crypto you pay for.
And nobody gets anything as strong as the top official payers,
excupatory slogans are "don't expect military grade, don't expect
defiance of NSLs, do expect to be accused of faulty user

Some years ago strong free crypto was more plentiful than now, more
recently the smell of Starbucks crypto has become as irresistable as
Greenwald said of his Omidyar harem opportunity, or Mudge said of
DoD's: "give up free love, join our comsec escort service, be poor
no more!"

Public benefit crypto has become a luxury good by promoting commercial
producers who contribute to NGOs, excusing breaks and hacks of allegedly
highly reliable tools, and most certainly a capitalist allure to sell 
crypto as invulnerable (except for those irresistable search subpoenas),
not unlike public benefit journalism which wields a heavy redaction tool,
or for that matter public benefit education enslaved by donors in which
top salaries are earned by exploiting enthusiasts and urging crypto
like perfect teeth everywhere, especially sugar-rich clouds and IoT.

This dual-hatted corruptive stain has blemished civil liberties which
has also become a luxury good like ratty blue jeans and disfiguring tatoos.
ACLU, aong others, is totally prostituted by large salaries and oligarchish
self-congratulatory fetes. Terrorism has been highly beneficial to all
dancers in the persistent crypto balls where natsec advocates and
comsec opponents perform together like pols and journos at the
White House Correspondents shindig and worldwide lecture and
conference circuits.

Nostalgia of International Cryptography Freedom before the
luxury market took command by way of enduring comsec terror:


At 10:09 AM 11/20/2015, you wrote:
>On 11/20/2015 04:42 AM, Notify wrote:
>>If crypto is the path to commercial riches, it would come as a 
>>surprise to the capitalists on Sand Hill Road.
>Couldn't agree more.  Were it not for the intellectual stimulation of
>working with crypto, I might actually be making a lot more money.
>Heck, I was making a lot more money 20 years ago just telling people
>how to use UNIX!!
>Arshad Noor
>StrongAuth, Inc.
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