[cryptography] Kernel space vs userspace RNG

Luca Testoni info at lucatestoni.it
Fri May 13 04:19:40 EDT 2016

On 13/05/2016 10:03, Krisztián Pintér wrote:

> 2, why not chaos? we do know that it is impossible to learn every
> information about a system. and if it is chaotic, our predictions
> diverge from reality exponentially with time. this means that there is
> an amount of time in which the inevitable initial errors lead to
> completely unpredictable state. if we choose this time as our sampling
> interval, chaos is perfect entropy.

Not only time but initial conditions too.
The result of a chaotic system is strongly dependent on intial
conditions too. A small change to a intial variable value give e very
big different result.
This concept is an angular stone in cryptography and RNG, i think.

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