[cryptography] Kernel space vs userspace RNG

Luca Testoni info at lucatestoni.it
Fri May 13 06:02:07 EDT 2016

On 13/05/2016 10:43, Krisztián Pintér wrote:

> okay, let me rephrase, because i was not very clear. what i tried to
> say is: if we assume a precision with which we can possibly measure
> the initial conditions, then there is a time interval after which the
> system is in total uncertainty. this time interval is dependent on the
> initial precision, and the system itself.
> once i heard a claim, not confirmed, just a fun factoid, that weather
> has 20 days of "memory". that is, if the initial conditions change on
> molecular level, which is clearly unmeasurable, 20 days later the
> weather is totally different. that is quite literally the butterfly
> effect. if we were to use the weather as an entropy source, we should
> sample it every 20 days. the data will be true random. except, of
> course, the weather is public, but that aside.

Exactly, that's the point, and i think that this feature is an approach
to the statistical independence of the samples obtained by this method.

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