[cryptography] Kernel space vs userspace RNG

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Fri May 13 14:31:45 EDT 2016

The truth is, entropy is only really interesting if you have the funds 
to hook up a Geiger counter to your computer.

On 5/12/2016 11:18 PM, David Johnston wrote:
> On 5/9/2016 2:01 AM, Luca Testoni wrote:
>> On 06/05/2016 18:12, Kevin wrote:
>>> I may be way off but it seems to me that a colonel level RNG can only
>>> pick up entropy from boot which means hardware noise.  Isn't that easy
>>> to beat with an acoustic attack?  Maybe user space is a bit better
>>> because you have more entropy to be gathered.
>> Hi all, first time here
>> Recently i've presented my thesis based on TRNG.
>> I've made a circuit oscillator based on Chua's circuit that produce RN
>> and pass the FIPS 140-2 test.
>> The Phisical phenomenon that produce entropy in that case is the random
>> oscillation of the tension inside the circuit.
> Are you able to share the thesis?
> Chua's circuit is next to useless in silicon for the usual reasons:
> 1) Inductors, capacitors and resistors are a problem in silicon.
> 2) We don't have a decent model of chaotic systems from which we can 
> derive min entropy.
> 3) Confusing chaos for entropy is not necessarily the right thing to do.
> But to some of us, all entropy sources are interesting.
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